June 12, 2018

Membership – Governance

Membership in the Utah Stockdog Association is $25.00 a year (regardless of when you pay).  $30.00 for a family membership.

Members enjoy priority in sponsored clinics and some clinic subsidies when applicable.

Soldier Hollow Eligibility Rules for Utah Handlers

Soldier Hollow Handlers for 2019  – must confirm by June 15 at the latest

  • Deb Sussman
    Eric Larson
    Karen Stanley  (confirmed to run in 2019)
    Donna Eliason
  • Scott Maxfield
  • Diane Spainhower
  • Hans Gode (depends on volunteer eligibility to be determined)
  • Charlie Torre (has not met volunteer eligibility for 2019)
  • Karen Zamora
  • Lou Gilbert
  • Kristin Sittner
  • Carol Clawson
  • Coleen Hawker
  • Loreli Judd
  • Libby Nieder

*note:  Shauna Gourley follows Eric when/if she doesn’t get an invite
(She has an invite for 2019 as the 2018 high-point Utah dog)

membership application

2019 Annual Meeting minutes